Home Remedies For Curing Varicose Veins At Home

Varicose veins have become one of the common problems around the world affecting a large number of people. In this condition, veins get abnormally enlarged and they appear close to the surface of the skin. Usually, they occur in the thighs and calves where veins develop weakened walls. It can also be due to the poor functioning of the valves that are responsible for regulation of the flow of blood.

According to the estimate of United States of America Department of Health and Human Services, varicose veins affect 10 percent of men and 25 percent of women.

The condition can cause the following effects:




-Heaviness in the legs

-Appearance of bulging veins

-Feeling of throbbing, burning and tingling.

There are many factors that contribute to varicose veins. Below are some of the common factors:



-Use of birth control pills


-Occupations on which a person is required to stand

-Hormonal changes in the body during puberty, pregnancy and menopause.

There are many medical as well as surgical treatments available for varicose veins. The main disadvantage is that it can be quite expensive. You can save money by curing varicose veins at home by trying few home remedies.

Below are some of the ways by which you can be curing varicose veins at home.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best treatments for treating varicose veins. It is a natural body cleansing and purifying product by which you can improve the flow and circulation of blood throughout your body. As soon as the blood start flowing, the swelling and heaviness of varicose veins will decrease up to great extent.

Apply apple cider vinegar (undiluted) on the part of the skin where varicose veins are present and massage the area gently. Do it every day in the morning and before going to bed. Follow this home remedy for a few months and you will find reduction in the size of varicose veins.

Drink a glass of water after adding two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. Make sure you stir well before drinking. You should drink the mixture twice a day for few months to see the results.


Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper is considered as one of the miraculous product available for the treatment of varicose veins. It increases the circulation of the blood and eases the pain of congestion of swollen veins as it is a very rich source of Bioflavonoid and vitamin C.

Drink a cup of water by adding one teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder. Positive results can be seen within the very first month if you are drinking this mixture thrice a day.

Olive Oil

It is very essential to increase the blood circulation for treating varicose veins. Massaging the affected area with olive oil can be helpful in increasing the circulation and will reduce inflammation and pain.

Olive oil should be mixed with equal amounts of vitamin E oil and then warmed. With this mixture, the veins should be massaged for instant relief. Doing it two times a day can be very helpful in Curing Varicose Veins at Home.

You can also massage your veins by mixing four drops of cypress essential oil instead of using vitamin E oil.